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beared.moustache HAIR TRANSPLANT – plastic surgery

beared.moustache HAIR TRANSPLANT


Not all men are born with the genetics to grow facial hairs, or some face the problem of having patchy beards and moustaches. Whether through trauma, surgery or other causes, the inability to grow facial hair is a problem for men. These men complain of lack of self-esteem and confidence and they desire a more masculine look. Beard or moustache hair transplant is a surgical procedure to transplant hair in facial region which lacks the density and fullness. Usually; it is done to improve the hair density. Beard or moustache hair transplant can be done by either technigue ( fut and fue).


  • Congenital low hair density
  • to improve the hair density
  • patchy beard
  • Traumatic, accidental, chemical / electrical or fire burn alopecia
  • Radiation or Chemotherapy
  • Post scar
  • Medical, Autoimmune, or Systemic Disease


Duration: 2 to 4 hours

Anesthesia: local

Hospital stay: daycare procedure

Back to work:  after 2 to 4 days

Post-operative care: for 10 days

Result: permanent